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Your own dashboard to manage your campaigns.

Keep track of your traffic and conversions in one place, so that you have the information you need to grow.

Collect commissions that never stop paying.

Earn a 20% commission for the lifetime of any subscriptions that you bring in.

Tools for Triumph

Elevate your ambassador journey with our Success Kit, packed with professional logos, customizable templates, and resources to ensure your every campaign shines.
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It takes 3 steps to build your own AI revenue stream.

Start promoting Smart Pineapple and signing up a free plan.
Using your own branded affiliate links, you can track how your audience engages with your links and converts.
We put the work in to convert your free account to a paid plan.
We handle the process of onboarding and converting your free plan to paying subscriptions.
You get a 20% commission for the subscriptions life.
Whenever a customer payment is made, 30% gets taken and sent straight to your bank account.

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Unlock Your Growth Potential: All the Resources You Need in One Place
Our success kit includes brand materials, email templates, a variety of content and more
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