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AI-Powered Marketing Tailored for Small Businesses

Welcome to Smart Pineapple - your digital ally in the bustling online world. We understand that every small lodging, from cozy B&Bs to unique boutique hotels, and motels, has its own story. Our mission? To help you spotlight your unique charm through personalized digital strategies. We harness the power of Al-driven tools to not just enhance your online presence, but to tailor it in a way that truly reflects your brand.

These tools do the heavy lifting, analyzing trends and optimizing your digital outreach, giving you more time to create unforgettable guest experiences. Our commitment goes beyond just putting you on the digital map. We constantly adapt and refine your strategy, ensuring you stay relevant and visible in an ever-evolving online landscape.

Short and sweet, right? But it's packed with all you need to make you digital mark.

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Maximize Business Potential

Amplify Visibility Now: Effortless Content Creation

Intuitive Social Media Content Creation Tools

Transform how you craft your online presence with tools that simplify content creation across various platforms, saving time and enhancing your brand's voice.

Unleash Your Brand's Voice

Tools for All Your Marketing & Writing Needs

From knowing your audience to planning, email content to public relations, our suite ensures your messaging is consistent, compelling, and time-efficient.

Simplify Your Content Strategy

Description Generators for Multiple Listings

Tailor your property's narrative for each booking platform, keeping your listings fresh and appealing.

Optimize Your Listings

Itinerary Creator, Review Responders & More

Offer a personalized guest experience with AI-driven tools. Cater to individual preferences and elevate their stay with customized itineraries, guides and recommendations.

Enhance Guest Experiences

Website and SEO Optimization

Leverage advanced tools to enhance your digital presence, ensuring higher visibility and engagement across all digital platforms.

Boost Your Online Presence

Custom AI Tools for Sustainable Practices

Navigate your property towards sustainability, leveraging tools aligned with international standards. Attract guests, increased competitiveness.

Step Towards the Future

“Generative AI tools have the potential to democratize travel.”

Brian Chesky CEO AirBnB

"Hoteliers who do not educate themselves about artificial intelligence (AI) risk falling behind in the hospitality industry.”

Jordan Hollander  Co-founder of HotelTechReport

"I believe that generative AI and other technologies will play a key role in this new travel world..."

Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings

Our Vision

Empowering You, Effortlessly

In the digital whirlwind, Smart Pineapple stands as your steadfast ally. For small lodging business owners, we transform complex digital marketing into something simple and enjoyable. No tech stress, just success.

Time-Saving Solutions

Our tools are time saviors, designed to halve your marketing efforts and double your impact. More bookings, less hassle.

Marketing Simplified

Embrace our Al-driven solutions for hassle-free marketing. Whether you manage an inn or vacation rentals, a few clicks is all it takes. Make your marketing journey effortless and effective.

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Ready for stress-free digital marketing? Join us and step into a future where marketing is a breeze and your hospitality business thrives.
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woman-owned business

Our Team

kay walten

Kay Walten


Kay is the visionary behind Smart Pineapple, has passionately championed small lodging businesses. With adventures from underwater explorations in Mexico to pioneering digital innovations, her foresight predates giants like Airbnb. In 1996, she foresaw the digital shift in vacation rentals. An accomplished entrepreneur, Kay holds a Master's in Travel and Tourism and teaches as an adjunct professor at Temple University.

Pam Mudley

Pamela Mudley

South Africa

From the southern tip of Africa, Pam brings a wealth of experience. Hailing from Cape Town, her three-decade-long journey in strategic planning and business development is nothing short of impressive. Renowned for her results-oriented approach, Pam seamlessly blends innovative thinking with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable tourism, always aiming to bolster a destination's global footprint.

Catalina Dragomir

Catalina Dragomir


On the technological front, Catalina Dragomi, our tech maestro from Romania, is the force behind Smart Pineapple's state-of-the-art, AI-driven interface. Her relentless efforts ensure the platform remains at the forefront of technological advancements, guaranteeing users an unparalleled, tailored experience.

Vince Stoyanov


From the heart of the Balkans, Vince is laser focused on making the world a better place.

Originally from Bulgaria, he spend a decade honing his problem-solving and people skills across many cultures and environments. Renowned for his outstanding communication and marketing automation abilities, Vince blends best of both worlds: Art and Science.

Camilo Olea García


Camilo, a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist with 15+ years of experience, excels in Digital Strategy, Demand Generation, Paid Search, SEO, and Content Marketing. Experienced in diverse sectors (B2B, B2C, SaaS, PLG), he has significantly contributed to the growth of startups, NGOs, and companies of all sizes. Passionate about education, Camilo teaches SEO, Web Analytics, and Paid Search at Universidad Anáhuac Cancún's Digital Marketing Diploma Course. A sought-after speaker, he's appeared at various events, was a TEDx speaker in Cancun (2016), and co-founded/directs the Mexican educational NGO, Kaanbal link


Can I try Smart Pineapple before paying?

Sure! You can test out Smart Pineapple on our free  Starter Plan where you can experiment. After two weeks, you have the opportunity to upgrade your subscription.

Are there any hidden fees beyond the subscription cost?

We're committed to transparent pricing. The subscription cost you see includes all features and services listed in our plans, with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. We strive to offer exceptional service and value for your investment. For any queries or concerns about our pricing, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime.
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